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Traveller The New Era, Brilliant Lances, Traveller Starship Combat


Traveller The New Era, Brilliant Lances, Traveller Starship Combat


This pre owned copy of Brilliant Lances comes complete as shown. Both the box and the game components are in excellent condition. All cardboard counters are punched but are stored conveniently in a resealable polybag. Can be played as a stand alone game or as part of the Traveller RPG. See photos.


*box reverse text*

"In space combat, you never see your opponent until it's all over, if even then. With acquisition and tracking ranges measured in tens of thousands of kilometers, to human eyes the people that are trying to kill you are not even a speck. But they can hurt you, even though you can't see them. Precise laser arrays and big particle accelerators, honed by centuries of engineering, can reach out without warning to slit your hull like the belly of a fish, spilling life -- oxygen, heat, and fuel -- into the hard vacuum.

That's why space combat is a game of cat-and-mouse. Keep yourself wrapped in the mantle of space-cold, dark, silent. Keep your thrust burns to minimum-they blaze like miniature suns for all to detect. Rig your passive sensors to greedily absorb data, but remain quiet yourself-give nothing away. Keep your weapns ready, in case... There! A faint trace of mid-wavelength infrared betrays a maneuver drive. Bring up the LIDAR dishes while the big passive array builds up a targeting solution. The moments seam endless while every crew member shares the same thought: 'Have they seen us?' Is the unseen enemy at this moment doing the same thing you are?

You might never know the answer. If you beat him, maybe you'll find out. But what if you hadn't seen him first? Some questions must remain unanswered when death, unbidden, comes scorching toward you as silent, brilliant lances."

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