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Star Wars the Micro Collection Death Star World Action Playsets


Star Wars the Micro Collection Death Star World Action Playsets


These Death Star playsets come loose as shown. Included in the sets are the "Death Star Escape" and "Death Star Compactor' Sets. All 14 metal mini figures are included as is the original instruction sheet.

The Death Star Escape set is missing a floor panel. See photo's

From starwars.com, 

"Death Star Escape: The Death Star Escape combines several scenes from the Death Star, including the chasm, hallways, the tractor beam console, and one of the large cannons aboard the battle station. It includes six figures: Darth Vader, two Stormtroopers, a firing Chewbacca, Leia Organa, and Luke in his Tatooine outfit.

The set has three levels, but the lower two just resemble Death Star corridors. The upper level comes with a SB-920 Laser Cannon that can pop-up when you push a button. Just a few centimeters away is the console that Ben used to shut down one of the Death Star’s tractor beams. The side of the main set offers two possibilities to connect a smaller elevator / shaft tower. There is a “working” elevator in the shaft, one of the bridges of the main set is retractable, and there is a small plastic “rope” which you can use to make a figure swing across the chasm. It’s very crude, even more primitive than the rope in the Death Star Space Station playset from Kenner. Catalogs sold Death Star Escape in a white mailer box.

Death Star Compactor: This larger Death Star set comes with eight figures (Han Stormtrooper, Luke Stormtrooper, three Stormtroopers, Leia Organa, a dueling Vader, and a dueling Obi-Wan). On the left you can find a turbolift that will lead you to Detention Block AA-23. The control room of the cell block is well-made and leads into the narrow corridor with cell 2187. Just like in the movie, the figures will be able to fall from the corridor into the trash compactor. The compactor comes with small pieces of orange foam and the walls can close when you push a button. At the last moment, the door will spring open so your figures can make their last minute escape. (This is cool.) Another feature is a spring-loaded blastdoor. Death Star Compactor is a fabulous set with many features and manages to capture several scenes from the movie. It’s also one of the harder playsets to find.

Kenner's Star Wars Micro Collection Death Star World playset

The Death Star World playset.

Death Star World: This toy includes both the Death Star Escape and the Death Star Compactor set. There are a couple of options how you can connect both playsets. Death Star World is the hardest to find, though it doesn’t include any exclusive parts."


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