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Renegade Legion Interceptor The First Line of Defense


Renegade Legion Interceptor The First Line of Defense


This pre owned copy of Renegade Legion comes as shown. The box is in very good condition while the game components themselves are in excellent condition. The cardboard counters are partially punched and all the cardboard starship models are assembled. They are conveniently stored in a smaller secondary box. The game is missing one 10 sided die. See photos

*description from boardgamegeek.com*

Renegade Legion: Interceptor is a space battle game played on a large hex map and features unique playing pieces that are space ships made "3d" by being printed on little 1" cardboard boxes.

Players can choose from a variety of ships each of which have their pros and cons, and ships fight it out with "standard" battle systems that include thrust movement, targeting, and variable weapons damage.

FASA also attempted to include some optional role-playing aspects into the game.

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