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Phase Line Smash


Phase Line Smash


This used copy of Phase Line Smash comes complete as shown. The box is in good condition with minor crush across the bottom of the lid. The game compnonents themselves are all in mint condition. All the game chits remain unpunched. See photos.

*Description from boardgamegeek.com*

A solitaire game based on the Gulf War. While the Iraqi unit's reactions are programmed, it is still possible to lose by taking careless chances that cause an excessive amount of friendly casualties. To win, you must do as well as the actual campaign. What makes this difficult is the need to explicitly manage the flow of supplies to allied combat units. The difficulty of the game adds to its play and replay value.

Phase Line Smash handles a number of aspects of the Gulf War in a realistic and sensitive manner. Fratricide is one such issue that is included in the game mechanics and discussed in the historical notes included with the game.

The game box is rather heavy because of the historical notes included with the game. Other extras include optional rules for up to eleven players. This adds the complexity of having to coordinate with other players for use of limited supply routes and coordinating attacks.

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