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Ordeal By Eshaar (For use with the Traveller RPG)


Ordeal By Eshaar (For use with the Traveller RPG)


This pre owned copy of Ordeal by Eshaar comes as shown. The book is in fair to goof condition with some minor moisture damage across the top of the book and some rust bleed on the pages from the top staple. See photos.

*reverse cover text*

As the Fifth Frontier War locks the Spinward Marches in mortal combat, a band of adventurers journeys outside the Imperium on a mission of vital importance. Their destination: ESHAAR, a dangerous and hostile world where temperatures average 150°C . . . where sulfuric acid takes the place of water . . . where enigmatic aliens hold the key to success or failure for the Imperium. The mission: discover — and secure control of — affas, a mineral compound that could turn the tide in the Fifth Frontier War. The opposition: the devious Zhodani, who will stop at nothing to ruin the Imperial cause. Ordeal by Eshaar is a unique adventure that pits the travellers against a combination of hostile Zodani, mysterious aliens . . . and the dangers of the planet itself. From subtle confrontations amid the false gaiety of the diplomatic enclave to the struggle for survival on the world's surface, this is . . . Ordeal by Eshaar.

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