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Robotech Khyron


Robotech Khyron


Khyron "the Backstabber" was the leader of the Seventh Mechanized Space Division of the Zentraedi. During the First Robotech War, Khyron was put in charge of a sub-section of forces in the attack against the SDF-1. He would often act against orders, putting the craft in danger causing Breetai to force him and his men back from battle.

After a brief alliance with the humans to ensure the destruction of Dolza's Main Fleet, Khyron assumed a relentless mission of vengeance for his defeats and swore to destroy the SDF-1. He was the leader of the Malcontent, a sect of Zentraedi who wished to return to battle and attacked the Humans on the planet relentlessly.

Khyron is from the 1985 line of Matchbox Robotech figures and vehicles. As Khyron never came with any accessories he in complete. He is in excellent condition with no paint wear and tight joints. See Photos.

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