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Marc Miller's Traveller (Traveller 4th Edition)

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Marc Miller's Traveller (Traveller 4th Edition)


This pre owned autographed copy of Marc Miller's Traveller comes as shown. The book is in near mint condition. This Edition also referred to as Traveller 4th Ed. takes the game back to it's roots and strips away much of the complexity that had evolved over previous editions.

*description from drivethrurpg.com*

This volume is the basic rules set for the Traveller science-fiction game system.

It contains the essential rules and background for a player to understand and participate in Traveller games as well as basic materials that enable a Traveller referee to administer a variety of adventures. The materials in this volume have a long history in print and in game play.

  • Unravel the secrets of man's conquest of the stars.
  • Create a heroic character to adventure throughout the known universe.
  • Learn how adventurers fight for survival in deep space and hostile planets.
  • Create and design new starships for your characters to explore the stars.
  • Learn to unlock the powers of the mind.
  • Discover new alien life forms as one interacts in strange new environments.
  • Explore the possibilities of trading with other planets.

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