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Gear Krieg, The Miniatures Game

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Gear Krieg, The Miniatures Game


This pre owned copy of Gear Krieg the Miniatures Game comes as shown. The book is in excellent condition. See photos.

*description from dp9.com*

Two-Fisted Pulp Superscience in a World at War!

"...But should we fail, then the whole world... including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the light of perverted science..."

- Sir Winston Churchill, 1940


  • 1920s Development of the "Mechanical Walking Suspension" by J. Walter Christie;
  • 1930s Germans copy Christie's walking machines under the peaceful guise of their 'Landwirtschaftlicher Arbeiter' ('Agricultural Worker') experiments;
  • 1934 The world's first true walking machine revealed at the Nuremberg Rally;
  • 1936 The PzK III armored walker presented at the Berlin Olympic Games;
  • 1939 The first successful American walkers are showcased at the World's Fair "Futurama" pavilion;
  • 1939 German Panzerkämpfers cross into Poland. The Second World War has begun.

The world would indeed have been a different place had the Roaring Twenties not delivered the wonders promised by visionaries. Instead, war walkers now stride across the battlefield of Europe, huge supertanks thunder over North Africa, rocket fighters duel high above the Pacific, adventurers and superspies battle the Nazi forces in the shadows and scientists work feveriously in their laboratories to perfect the next doomsday weapon for their masters.

Powered by advanced science, will the darkness of fascism spread across the world, or can brave men and women prevent it?

The Gear Krieg product line includes books for role playing and wargame play including a range of 15mm miniatures for the walkers, supertanks, jet fighters, and superscience weapons of this alternative history of Gear Krieg.


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