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Dragonlance Board Game

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Dragonlance Board Game


This pre owned copy of the Dragonlance board game comes as shown. The box is in fair condition having had the corners reinforced with tape. The game is mostly complete missing just one character card and 6 altitude markers. This limits the game to a maximum of 5 players instead of six.


*description from boardgamegeek.com*

In the Dragonlance Boardgame, each player commands an army of dragons in search of the fabled Dragonlance. The first player to snatch the Dragonlance from the top of the central tower and successfully deliver it back home wins! But be careful! Your opponents will attack your dragons, trying to make them crash-or even steal the Dragonlance and use it against you. The game comes with a large hex mapboard, 30 dragons figures in six different colors, two sets of rules (Basic and Advanced), Cards, dice, altitude markers and more.

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