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Star Wars Roleplaying Game The New Jedi Order Sourcebook

Wizards of the Coast

Star Wars Roleplaying Game The New Jedi Order Sourcebook


The New Jedi Order is a used supplement for the Star Wars roleplaying game in like new condition that comes as shown.

*Official product description*

There's a time to run and a time to stand....

The Yuuzhan Vong have shattered the New Republic's promise of peace throughout the galaxy. System by system, they bring death and enslavement to all they encounter. Even the Jedi have failed to slow the merciless advance of this dark tide. As this terrible threat from beyond the galaxy's edge pushes closer to Coruscant, the need for great heroes grows ever more dire.

This sourcebook features:
• New prestige classes, feats, species, ships, and starship combat tactics
• New archetypes with statistics for play at low, medium, and high levels
• Rules for the Yuuzhan Vong, including their soldiers and priests, ships, weapons, and equipment
• Action-packed adventure seeds designed for mid- to high-level characters
• Game statistics for characters from The New Jedi Order novels, including Vector Prime, Onslaught, Ruin, Hero's Trial, Jedi Eclipse, Balance Point, Conquest, Rebirth, and Star by Star

To use this sourcebook, you also need the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook.

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