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DC Collectibles The FLASH unboxing and review

Wesley Arscott

DC television properties have had their fair share of up's and downs. From the hugely successful Batman the Animated Series (and subsequent spin off's which are too numerous to name in their entirety) to the virtually unwatchable live action Justice League pilot (which thankfully was never picked up as a series!).


Fortunately for DC, their principle competitor (arch nemisis?) Marvel studios had a runaway hit with their big screen shared movie continuity collectively known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

With Agents of Shield in development for the small screen, DC wasted no time in securing their own foothold in prime time with its signature series Arrow. Both series' aired in the 2012-13 television seasons. While Agents of Shields lone spin off Agent Carter didn't last, Arrows first spin off The FLASH is currently enjoying it's third season.

The Flash hadn't been seen in live action since John Wesley Shipp portrayed him from 1990-1991 on CBS. That series while strong in it's development and plot elements just never got the traction to garner a renewal after its first season.

The 2014 version of The Flash played by Grant Gustin is a tonally lighter show than its predecessor and is arguably the most fun to watch of all the CW superhero shows (Although now that Supergirl has switched networks it may have a "run" for its money).

And now thanks to DC Collectibles this version of The Flash can finally take its place in your own collection.

The Flash from DC Collectibles is molded in the 7 inch scale and comes packaged as shown in window box packaging which clearly showcases the figure inside. The back of the package shows other available figures in the line and there is an image of actor Grant Gustin as The Flash on the side.


Removing the inner clamshell from the box we see that the figure is secured by a single twist tie at the waist, as well as a single elastic band at the ankles. I applaud DC Collectibles decision to use a piece of plastic as a barrier between the figure and the twist tie. I know from experience that these twist ties can and have caused damage to a figures paint, so this is a welcome addition. Although truth be told, even without the twist tie the clamshell was so form fitting there was very little chance the figure would become loose in the packaging and they could have gone without it altogether. 


As for accessories, The Flash comes with three sets of interchangeable hands. A set of fists come attached to the figure out of the package while a set of loose grip hands and a set of extended finger "running hands" can be mixed and matched to suit your posing tastes. 


Looking at The Flash's deco we can see that he bears a very convincing likeness of actor Grant Gustin.


There is a ton of molded in detail on the figure simulating the various fabrics used on the onscreen costume. Colour-wise, the deep red is a good match to the real thing. Also, the gold piping accents on the costume are also here which I personally find a really nice touch. Especially as a fan of the New 52 aesthetic. There is also a very nice black wash that make all the molded in wrinkles and other fabric textures really "pop".


Running down the articulation on The Flash we have...

Ball Jointed Head,

Combination hinge swivels at the shoulders,

Combination hinge swivels at the elbows,

Combination hinge swivels at the wrist,

Torso rocker / ab crunch (which I presume to be a ball joint as it allows for unrestricted rotation in the chest),

Combination hinge swivels at the hips,

Swivels at the thighs,

Double hinge jointed knees,

Swivels at the boot cuts and, 

Combination hinge swivels at the ankles.

Overall, there is a good amount of articulation for a modern figure that allows for a decent range of poses. Even some dynamic running poses. Although those will be difficult to achieve without a figure stand. On that note. It's worth noting that only the right foot has a peg hole. Yes it's a minor critique, but if you want to pose the figure dynamically with his weight on the left foot, you just can't. And in case you were wondering; the stand used in this review is from NECA Toys and comes in packages of 10. 




In closing, The Flash is a really nice figure that does justice to both the tv series and actor Grant Gustin. DC Collectibles has done a really good job here. The Flash is completely in scale with all the figures from Arrow and would make a nice addition to any DC collection.

With The Flash now in its third season there's bound to be more in this series. And who knows...with John Wesley Shipp back playing the role of Earth 3's Flash, Jay Garrick; maybe he'll finally have his just dues and be immortalized in plastic too. Even if it is 25 years later.

well, that's it for now fans. So until next time...

...that's a wrap!

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