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"You may fire when ready"

Wesley Arscott

So today the first official teaser for Rogue One a Star Wars story dropped this morning and we were all treated with a barrage of imagery that sadly we have to wait until December to get the full treatment for.

In case you missed it i've included it here.


Some pretty striking imagery here. Especially seeing the Death Star again. And in a way we've never seen it before. Sure we saw the partially completed DS 2 in Return of the Jedi but watching the array from the mega laser being fitted in was something kinda awesome.

Mon Mothma looking as regal as ever, but who was was that white clad imperial officer?!?!?!

Rumours were saying that Grand Admiral Thrawn from the SW Expanded Universe was going to make an appearance in this movie but unless Lucasfilm has abandoned the notion that the Chiss are blue skinned, red eyed near humans than is this a new original character?

And in case you missed it there was a brief glimpse of a pair of Royal Guards flanking something that one of the protagonists was walking towards. Does this mean than Ian Mcdiarmid is reprising his role as Emperor Palpatine? Of course we can't have one without the other and if this is the case then I expect that everyone's favourite Sith Lord won't be far behind.

I'm really interested to see if the folks over at Lucasfilm will have a role for Grand Moff Tarkin. With his expanded role on Star Wars the Clone wars and now Star Wars Rebels I cant imagine that he won't be in this. Of course that may just be wishful thinking on my part.

So, while we're wishfully thinking....what about our band of hero's from Star Wars Rebels? Where are they during all of this?

Let us know what you think of the new teaser and what you want to see in Rogue one.

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