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Wesley Arscott

This week Star Wars The Force Awakens drops both digitally and on home video. In celebration of this event let's talk SW toys!

Past or present, what is your favourite Star Wars Toy of all time?

Was it something you owned, or only envied?

I'll go first.

The late 70's and all through the 1980's was arguably the heyday for "playsets".

He-man had Castle Grayskull; GI Joe had The Pit. But for me the grand daddy of them all was the Kenner Millennium Falcon.

A vehicle AND a playset all wrapped up in one awesome package! I mean with its removable canopy and aft section you could create or recreate virtually any Star Wars scenario you could dream of! This thing had it all. From the inverted gunnery well to the hidden smuggling compartments. It even came with that training remote that was hung on a string for combat practice.

Now....if only Hasbro would consider one to scale with their 6" inch Black Series figures I'd sell my soul to George Lucas to get one!

Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what your favourite SW toy is!

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